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Are you recently moved to Billund?

Dear English-speaking families who have recently moved to Billund. I have dedicated this section specifically to you and other internationals who have moved to Denmark / Billund and need a new family or portrait photographer.


My name is Sussi and I’m a professional family photographer based in Vejle. I have two children of my own, and I feel that it’s something quite special, to portray the children throughout their growing up. 
I love a good laugh and have an easy time laughing. So, when you see me stumble over something for the 3rd time during your family photo shoot, because I’m looking through the lens, feel free to laugh with me. You are welcome to, and it happens every time.
I have great patience and always photograph the children on their terms. 
Even if your child has special needs or there’s something that needs special consideration – please note that I am very empathetic towards this and I am calm by nature. I love children and still haven’t grown too old to play with them or to disappear into their fantasy world.
I have worked for the last 10 years as a professional family and portrait photographer in the tristate area of Kolding, Fredericia and Vejle (Trekantsområdet). 
Instead of the confines of a studio, I often use nature as a backdrop for my portraits. It gives more freedom of movement and gorgeous, vivid images. 
I am very familiar with all the beautiful, nature areas in the neighborhood, and I know how to utilize the enchanting colors that can be found in nature, in each season.

Family and portrait


It’s an incredibly beautiful area, both in Vejle and in Billund. I would love to introduce you to some of the most spectacular areas, whether that’s in Grene Sande, Billund or closer to my base here in Vejle.
I have often photographed families at Grene Sande, which is located 10 km southeast of Billund. Or maybe you’d be more interested in  having photos taken in the very famous Grejsdalen, perhaps by some of the beautiful streams that run through the whole area. Grejsdalen is covered with forest on all sides and in the summer time you will get to experience the most beautiful scent of spruce. 
Another beautiful location we could arrange is either at the beach or at Skyttehuset, both in Vejle.
I always carry samples of my products when I’m on an assignment, which means that you will have the opportunity to see samples after the photoshoot. 
If you prefer to have the photos taken in your home, and feel that you might need advice or guidance regarding wall decoration or the likes to achieve the best results, feel free to reach out. You will also have the opportunity to book extra time to see a demonstration of my products, if you feel you need further information.

Family and portrait


Choosing what to wear for a photo session can be super stressful! But finding the perfect family outfits can be easier with a little bit of guidance. Here I have collected my best advice when it comes to coordinating the outfits. 
When deciding what to wear for photo sessions, pick a palette of 3-4 colors. Let this be your starting place. 
Next, think in terms of tones: earth tones, neutrals, pastels, blue tones etc. 
Everyone in the family can express their own sense of style within the chosen color palette, and the whole family will coordinate beautifully on the pictures.
Don’t forget about the shoes: If you’re not the type of family who likes being barefoot, be sure to keep your footwear in mind. Nothing will throw off the look more, than a pair of ratty old shoes.
Dressing to match your location puts the focus on the face, because everything else is aligned and nothing is drawing unnecessary attention. It forces the viewer to break down the details in the photo as they’ll be looking at variations of a single color. That’s my best advice!
When picking patterns, choose smaller ones that won’t draw attention away from the main subjects, and it’s preferable to only have one person in patterned clothes. 
When it comes to the fabric, choose different textures that will make the photos interesting such as lace, corduroy, denim, and knits. 
Instead of many patterns consider being playful with the textures instead.
Pick outfits that will let you run free and make you feel comfortable and carefree. 
I always encourage families to coordinate and not to be too ‘matchy-matchy’.
Skip logos and wording on the clothes as they draw the attention away from the subject.
Don’t be afraid of a little color. You don’t have to go overboard, but adding bold colors to an otherwise subtle outfit, for a ‘pop’ of color can look amazing. 
For example, if Mommy is wearing a tartan or flower dress, choose one color from the dress, and have a child wear an item with the same color.
Accessories gives your photographs that last bit of ‘umph’. 
They can serve as an extra reinforcement of a color, personality, or a personal interest of yours. 
Everybody wears accessories well and they work for all ages.

Family and portrait

Price list for family-, children- or portrait photography in nature / home locations in Vejle and surroundings: (Max. 8 persons)
During normal opening hours:

Monday – Thursday Kl.10:00 -17:00
(10:00 am – 5:00 pm)
Fridays kl.10:00 -14:00
(10:00 am – 2:00 pm)


Evening, weekends, and public holidays supplement:


Please note that the prices listed, do not include pictures or products. 
These will be purchased in the online gallery after the editing is complete.

For a quote on anything beyond the above described, or for larger groups please write or call.

Prices are incl.
Danish VAT.

It is possible to buy all the products you want, after the photography through the online gallery.

You are always welcome to call or book an appointment with me in Vejle (phone +45 41565376). I am happy to review the possibilities with you and give good advice on what will look best at your home.

Family and portrait